Friday, May 11, 2007

Burma Shave Not

Today was my long postponed birthday treat at the Buzzard's Roost down in Yarnell courtesy of the Pooh-shaped lady at The One Acre Wood. We took the long way with stops here and there to take all manner of pictures.

For instance, there's this set of Burma Shave style signs on the high road to Highland Pines...

...and, oops, it ends there, hanging in mid-air. There should be one more sign, to rhyme with #2, closing out the admonition (followed by the Burma Shave sign in the old days.) Ms. Pooh thinks there once was one, saying something like Gone to waste. If you've got a better line, do post it in the "comments" below!

The back sides of the signs also carry half a message, something about being firewise.

A quick look at the sponsor's signature sign suggests that quite some little time has passed since anyone thought about maintenance.

Despite the dryness, there were also a few roadside wildflowers at our stop. Above, lavender dakota verbenas, almost spent, and below, a pretty yellow mystery. Perhaps sweetbrush or perityle; I'll beg help from my AZ plants mailing list folk for a more solid ID.

And, just so you know why the folks in Highland Pines are concerned about wildfires -- look at the beautiful wooded area where they live!

Note: I may miss my daily post tomorrow -- it's ballet recital time up at OmegaMom's & I'll be out of town overnight. And would you believe I've been so busy tying up loose ends that I missed noting my one-year anniversary at Walking Prescott yesterday! Ah well. So it goes.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the one year anniversary. Enjoy the ballet recital.

catalyst said...

I want to hear more about the food at the Buzzard's Roost!

Granny J said...

Greetings from the High Country!

Gee, thanks, Steve....I watched the make-up action a little while ago.

Cat-A -- the barbecue is the kind done proper like -- meat & smoke only. The treatment of the veggies there is High-Class.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, I did like the signs!
The house in the forest looks like many around here.

k said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

and --


Granny J said...

Hi, Herhimnbryn -- did Burma Shave ever happen to OZ?

k -- thanks for the many happy's; the same back to everyone!

Desert Cat said...

Ooh, that hillside looks a lot like Mt. Lemmon, pre-blaze. Definitely some potential for nasty fires.

Without natural fires, it is really up to everyone in that community to keep the brush cleared and the lower branches of all the trees on their property cut off. And maybe thinning out a few of the smaller trees, much as it may hurt.

If not, the result can be the total devastation that ripped through Summerhaven in 2003.

Granny J said...

DC -- we have a lot of locations like that around here --and people, as usual, reluctant to chop down any of those trees that make their property so valuable.

Avus said...

If I had not seen the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" I would not have known what you meant by "Burma Shaves" signs.
If you have not seen this movie I thoroughly recommend it as a celebration of the triumph of old age over adversity!

Granny J said...

Avus -- now that's a flick I have not seen nor heard -- sounds like one of those spendid comedies that you English do so well. As for Burma Shave, it's one more piece of the past that is forgotten by two generations, now. Bless the Internet for making it possible to reclaim bits of yesterday. Tho I haven't seen any pictures of the real thing.

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