Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our World on a Wall

OK, Prescott College, I give up! I know, the only fence on the campus suitable for a mural faces due south -- directly into the sun. I've taken several sets of pictures and I'm tired of waiting for a proper overcast day that might allow for better lighting! So here goes, starting at the alley, just across from the Crossroads Center. First, the authors and the Monarch butterflies (which I don't see that often around Prescott.)

On the other hand, PC is involved in environmental projects in Mexico, where the butterflies winter, so the selection is legitimate. A bathtub and a summer storm to fill it full.
Prescott's Official Bug -- the cicada about to fly into a sahuaro as clouds gather for that summer storm.

Sights from the Sea of Cortez, a couple of barrel cacti and further reminder of the importance of water.

Not sure whether the forest flowers are 1) mariposa lilies or 2) sacred datura; inclined to go with #1, though the actual blossoms look more like #2. The pottery lets us know that the Hopi mesas are not too far away.

The east end. Has to be the northern ocean: a whale, glaciers and snow flakes! Plus all-important power lines.

There you have it -- another Prescott mural; to see others, click on the link below. And I'm not done! The new revamped library features a small indoor mural; at the high school are a series of mural-type windows, and, of course, local artists are still working on the big production downtown on the wall facing the parking garage. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

The wall looks pretty good and you did a good job taking the pictures.

k said...

That's wonderful! Really beautiful.

It's amazing to me how little we have here in the way of murals.

The flowers do look like datura but they usually hang downwards, don't they?

Granny J said...

Thank you again, Steve, I'm here to please!

k -- I don't know why the mural thing has taken hold here in Prescott. It may just be that the weather is good enought that people spend more time out of doors here and need one more out of doors activity! As for the blossoms, I'm trying to picture the datura in my mind's eye. Got the whole plant and the leaves, but no flower!

prim said...

The good idea, I found your web blog from search engine by google. By the way, how about if we exchange our blog ? thank's.

Granny J said...

Mr. Prim -- your city looks to be a very beautiful place to live. However, I'm curious as to just where in Indonesia it is located...

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