Thursday, May 10, 2007

Be Prepared

If we were just emerging from one of the worst winters ever, I'd say that the owners of these 4WD vehicles had big plans for driving out in the bush. One might deduce that owner #1 (above) has been stuck in a swamp (not too likely) or quick sand (much more likely). He may be planning to drive along a river at the bottom of a canyon; just hook that cable to a stout juniper and pay your ride down the cliff. Or maybe he's a Search and Rescue team member. A lot of those out in the desert and mountains; they're needed, too.

Now, driver #2 makes it obvious that a muscular jack is what it takes to meet emergencies on the back roads. I wonder what his worst experience might have been.


Anonymous said...

Be Prepared is a good mindset for driving off road.

Granny J said...

We always were, sorta. However, we found that our Subaru station wagon was up to almost any back road shown on the topos/forest service maps as two dotted lines. One dotted line, no way!

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