Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The changing of the prices?

Or just tidying up the sign. I couldn't figure out just what was the purpose. I was seated in the parked truck while Sson bought enough gas to get us beyond Crown King and back. There were these two guys, mucking about with the numerals on the price listing at highway side.

Here's the device used to remove and/or replace individual numerals. Look ma, no ladder!

While I watched, there was an awful lot of removing and replacing "4s".

This "4" just came down from on high.

Seems to be getting a spray job. I suppose it picks up a lot of highway dust during a day. Shortly after the cleaning, the "4" went right back up on the price sign.

Time to deal with "9s".

Tried very hard to see if prices on the front and back were the same, but the early morning light and highway conditions made it impossible. So I still am not sure whether any prices were changed as part of the process. Sorry.

Fire Note: The Arizona 2-1-1 site had this to report: "Firefighters had a successful day Wednesday. Strong winds pushed the fire to the southeast, testing the lines established during the night of July 1 around the summer homes. The lines held. The lines south and east of Crown King were also tested with the same results. Firefighters in both areas continue to patrol and reinforce the lines and mop-up hotspots close to the line." I presume that the phrase "summer homes" refers to the historic summer cabins at Horsethief Basin. It's been difficult to get much information about what's happening at the south end of the forest, BTW.


Anonymous said...

There is an ongoing joke, here in Germany. The prices go up so often, they have to hire an extra person to change the signs.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Petrol here is ranging upward from A$1.55/litre (3.8?L/US Gal). I'm happy that fire is under control.


Anonymous said...

Granny, Thanks for organizing info about the Lane 2 fire. So many news sources, so little time. What you wrote is more than I have found at any one news channel.

artful RV Adventurer said...

It's averaging about a penny a day increase (fuel)... lets see, next summer we will be paying over 8 bucks a gallon at that rate. anybody want to buy a v 10 ford pick up?

Granny J said...

steve -- this looked like a service that comes by to polish up or change prices on your sign.

bro -- but then how much of OZ is off-limits to drlling?

style -- I've had the same problem chasing down info about the fire. I guess the PNF is too busy fighting it to do much by way of news!

mark -- the price is up 3 cents from Friday at that particular service station. A little under a penny a day increase,

Anonymous said...

Here in Germany, where the Govt. adds a lot of tax, it's a little under $10 a gallon, after doing all of the conversion. Granny, be happy you don't drive. I drive less than I use to.

smilnsigh said...

And now I see, you have blogged, concerning the fires...

'Smilnsigh' blog

Granny J said...

SnS -- oh, yes -- the fires are very important in our lives right now.

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