Sunday, July 13, 2008

More housing for the aged

There it was, out the window of the car, on our way to pick up the mother of a friend at The Peridot. A big complex well on its way to completion. Nothing I'd seen word of in any of the local media. Note: no balconies -- what a pity. How down-market from the competition!

Apparently it is a new independent living facility for aging retirees. I guess it makes sense -- we have more than the average number of retirees living in the Prescott area. One of these days, such folk will age even more and are likely to chuck their houses for what is currently called catered living.

As you can see, the apartments are at a lower elevation on Bradshaw Drive, just down the pike from The Peridot. Interesting how the local facilities for the aged are being clustered -- first, Las Fuentes and Good Sam together on the northeast side of town, now this pair up the hill just off of East Gurley. As for me, I prefer the idea of converting old, down-at-the-heels hotels in the middle of town into housing for the aging -- that would puts one (me?) smack dab in the midst of things, rather than out on the periphery, requiring one of those little mini-buses to get here, there or wherever. Too bad the old Head Hotel was converted into a B&B, I say.


Anonymous said...

Another glorified stucco box construction application, that's what we need! Yes Granny J, where are the patios? I'm sure there are great views from the little windows facing north, wohoo!

This kind of construction is foisted on us because of the high cost of the land, materials and labor, and willingness of the architects to adapt to a more "affordable" housing project.

TomboCheck said...

And man did that place go up fast. As of early March they were still getting the ground ready.

Granny J said...

style -- it's known as Progress.

tombo -- that suggests that the builders are pretty sure of their market. What other real estate project broke ground this year, of all years?

JesseL said...

My friends and I used to roam all over those hills, plinking and hunting with our .22s. Kids trying that now would be lucky not to end up in a terrorist detention center.

It's amazing how much that portion of town has filled in since then. I'm not old enough to be having so many "when I was a kid" moments.

Granny J said...

jessel -- get used to it. Soon you'll be seeing your favorite toys in a collectibles mall on Cortez St.

JesseL said...

That's already happened too. My original Star Wars toys became 'collectible' a while ago.

smilnsigh said...

They'll go to 'Catered Living.' Only if they have the money to do so!

Miss Mari-Nanci

Granny J said...

jessel -- Oh, I can imagine Star Wars items on Cortez street...

SnS -- it certainly is expensive!

Anonymous said...

Sns is so correct!

It hurts to see how much these places charge to live there.

Ah, let me move on to another topic.

Thanks, GJ, for letting us know what's news.

~Anon in AV.

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