Sunday, July 27, 2008

Thru a glass lightly

One of the downtown library's many features is a lovely little walled garden, accessible primarily from the coffee shop. You may recall that a mountain lion guards this garden -- and that there's a young girl in bronze who's enjoying a book in the garden. This view is, of course, through the glass doors.

But there's more glass. Neither lion nor girl was visible when I decided to photograph what was to be seen through two sets of glass bricks that overlook the garden.

For the record, here's another view of the garden without intervening glass, shot from above the wall. There's the little girl in one of the black benches. The splendid white tree trunks are quaking aspen.


Tony Reynolds said...

Glass brick Impressionism. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Great PR for the library. I must visit it the next time I'm in town.

~Anon in AV.

(The city of Prescott should put you on a monthly retainer!!)

( free, of course.)

TomboCheck said...

Wait, there is a cafe in the library? I haven't been to the library in years (haven't even seen the inside after renovations), but I spent a lot of time there as a kid.

That room looking into the courtyard used to be nothing but children's books, and that is where they would have the summer-time reading time where you could take your kid and have one of the parents read to everybody.

Good times...

Changes in the wind said...

Pretty and refreshing:)

Katie Baird said...

Whoa! You can get coffee at the library?! I'm like Tombo, I haven't taken the full tour (I guess) since the renovation. Except I HAVE been there, just a few weeks ago, and I didn't smell the coffee. I will have to scoot down there.

I LOVE your pictures. I have fond memories of going to the library with my boys all the time when they were tots. Hmmm. Might just have to head over there today!

Sweet post.

Avus said...

Like those glass brick piccies - great stuff!

Granny J said...

tony -- it's sort of inevitable; one look through a glass brick & you've got to get out the camera!

anon av -- the chamber, you say; my Sson chided me for the same reaction you are having. He says, like, why am I writing so as to encourage more people to move here! He has a point.

tombo -- yes, indeed, there is a little cafe; I'm not sure just what the hours are & I haven't patronized it as yet, so I can't comment. Speaking of coffee houses, my favorite Spaghetti Western coffee house on Sheldon has gone belly up. Too bad! I enjoyed their gelato.

change -- thank you for enjoying the post.

katie -- yes, indeed, coffee! It's an idea adapted from college libraries, as I understand it. A splendid idea.

avus -- like I said to tony, what person with a camera could resist those glass bricks!

meggie said...

Those aspen tree trunks are very striking!

Granny J said...

meggie -- our native aspens are really, really handsome trees & very popular in landscaping hereabouts.

JuliaR said...

Beauty! I adore a walled garden - probably comes from reading old English children's books. All libraries should be so civilized, especially to have a coffee shop. I am going to suggest this to my local library!

C. Marie Byars said...

I've enjoyed that view from the libary a few times---the kids love to get a giant cookie from the cafeteria to share. The library in Belen, NM, has a cafeteria, also. Right outside of it is a chess area with multiple playing surfaces where the local chess club meets---in such a "nowheres-ville" place. Like the post above. In the southwest, you chant, "Rain, rain DON'T go away: stay again another day."

Granny J said...

juliar -- of course, the walled garden idea reminds me of The Secret Garden, and a secret garden is a rather nice idea.

CMarie -- I think the idea of coffee shops in libraries comes from today's college campus. Sure makes a visit a lot more interesting -- and a lot longer.

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