Saturday, July 05, 2008

Postscripts to past posts

All too often, once I have posted on a subject, another picture or data point or event occurs which would have enhanced the original, but, alas, far too late. Herewith a few of these odds and ends.

For instance, an aborted visit to Miss Kitty's Cat House, that wonderful cottage near Granite Creek where some 25 felines make a cozy home. I wanted to show off the place to GD, who has been volunteering at a cat rescue facility in LaFayette LA. However, no humans were present to let us in, so we had to content ourselves by chatting with the any critters who happened out to the porch.

Next -- I discovered that not only did my archives include a couple of unexpected Louisiana gator pictures -- but they were classics, consisting of a head barely above water. Just like in the movies.

And, yes, I claimed to have found all the local Victorians with towers. Hah! I should know better. This pair above and below are on Mt. Vernon near Willis Street. Not only that, but I also discovered that the big white Victorian at my end of town, at Park Avenue and Gurley actually has a tower, tho it is hidden by trees in the summer. Turns out that I had a quite passable picture of the feature in my post about the Brinkmeyer House.

And here's the picture that sparked this post in the first place. This young man is outfitted as a Rough Rider, including a special rucksack; the picture belonged in yesterday's post. I was told that he is the son of an officer of the local group.

Fire Follow-Up: Reports indicate that the Forest Service crews managed to guide the Crown King fire toward desert terrain, where there is not nearly the fuel load found in the forest. At this point, the fire is 50% contained and residents are allowed back home; yesterday's rain certainly helped. A reader was kind enough to post this Crown King fire web site, created to keep forest residents in touch with one another and with current developments. As an added feature, the site includes links to almost every business in the mountain hamlet -- it would appear that the old mining town is very well wired indeed. Following the links, I came across one very disquieting bit of info: seems ADOT is seriously considering relocating I-17 down in the lowland west of its present route between Black Canyon City and the Bloody Basin turn-off. Which would probably be the end of Bumblebee. All I can say is "Fie on you, ADOT!" What is it about highway engineers?


Anonymous said...

Nice gator pictures.

The Artful RV Adventurer said...

My "redo" wish is always the prose. It can always be improved, it's never perfect... and all the really great lines come to me AFTER I hit the publish button...
afterthoughtfully yours,
PS I just know I could have said this better (grin)

Granny J said...

steve -- maybe I should have done a alligator post!

mark -- I occasionally go into a post a few days later if I discover a real booboo, like a misspelling. As for rewriting, I discovered long ago when I got paid to be an editor that there is no end to polishing a piece of writing; the only answer is Deadlines.

Prescottstyle said...

Granny J, about the I 17 widening, if it does indeed need improving by adding lanes, why not route it through Bumble Bee? Over the years I have been chugging up the steep grade to Sunset point, sometimes to overheat right on the top. The new route also gives wide berth to the Agua Fria National Monument.

Granny J said...

I hear ya, style, and understand your point of view. I guess that I am simply at an age where I don't need anything else in my world to change & I rather like those old remnants of the past down along the old Black Canyon Road.

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