Friday, July 04, 2008

An old fashioned 4th -- of sorts

No fireworks. No picnic. No big crowds. Just a nice, pleasant July 4 scene at the Sharlot Hall grounds with assorted reenactment groups in their old-time costumes.

The event was organized by the Victorian Society, which also ran the lemonade stand...

...and the old-style cake walk. (No, I didn't, as I was 1) alone and 2) busy taking pictures, as well as admiring all the costumes.)

Oh, the hats I saw!

The Arizona Roughriders were present in uniform, with gear from the Spanish-American War army (below).

Next visit -- breakfast buddies who are mainstays of the Arizona Rangers, a turn of the century law enforcement organization.

Among the artifacts the Rangers had on display. Also, a good selection of firearms.

Then I walked through shade -- and hot sun -- over to the blacksmith shop. Take a look at that shirt, drenched in sweat. Phew!

Which reminded me that there was a stand selling root beer floats. While waiting for mine to be dished up, I chatted briefly with the warrior below. His uniform, he told me, predates the Roughriders and the Rangers; as a result, he belongs to the Victorian Society.

The final crowd consisted of the Prescott Regulators and Their Shady Ladies.

This Shady Lady daringly exposed a well turned ankle for the photographer.

The day was hot in the sun; no, I wouldn't have enjoyed gussying up Victorian style. Not one little bit. But the rains came just as I was leaving the museum grounds and we enjoyed two good storms. If the weather maps are accurate, the Crown King fire may have received a good enough share to slow the fire. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Granny J! We're in town visiting family, and happy July 4th to you!

We walked the Courthouse Plaza early in the morning, had a bite at St. Michael's Hotel, then had an "Old Westy" group photo taken at one of the merchants in St. Michael's Alley.

By then, we all needed a nap, so we skipped Sharlot Hall. We missed you by "inches"!

We did see that fine Cavalry soldier as he crossed the street at Gurley and Montezuma.

When the rains hit, we were in the parking lot of our hotel. What a fantastic storm! Refreshing!

As for the Lane 2 fire, after the storm I went to the car to get some things. Some nice gentlemen had their bags to check in and walked past me. I asked if they were with the Rodeo, and they said "No".

"We're helicopter pilots, ma'am, flying runs over the Crown King fire".

"How's the containment? I heard it was 10%".

"We should have it contained in a couple of days, maybe sooner if we get more rain today and tomorrow (July 5th).

I thanked them for battling the fire from their choppers.

GJ, what percentage chance is there to run into the helicopter pilots flying runs over the fire?!

At least they had some fairly good news. Later, as you know, the area got more rain, but stopped in time for the fireworks shows.

~Anon in AV, who's in town for the festivities.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

A well done post. The Thurs. morn breakfast crew were in fine fettle. Where was Georgene?? The Cavalryman looked awfully like a damned yankee!!


Anonymous said...

Fine post. Enjoyed all of the photos and participants.

Changes in the wind said...

Great pictures and a great day...Happy Fourth of July to you:)

Granny J said...

anon av -- welcome to Prescott! And thank you for the good news from the chopper pilots. Enjoy the rodeo.

bro -- Oh, that they were...I just missed Georgene when I arrived.

steve -- it was a very, very photogenic scene what with all the costumes.

changes -- thank you and a Happy Fourth to all.

Jan said...

granny j..another great post, as usual!

I think that sort of thing is so much fun, that I would be glad to brave the heat, or the cold, anytime, to enjoy it!

Apparently, you feel the same way! :)

Granny J said...

jan -- I love it -- unless I'm expected to dress up in those hot, hot costumes on a hot July day. More power to those who sacrifice for the cause.

Avus said...

What a wonderful occasion - I would have felt right at home there and would want to get involved.

Granny J said...

avus -- I can just picture you at the Sharlot Hall grounds, dressed up in one of your Roman outfits!

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