Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not a discouraging word, either

Oh, give me a home ...
where the buffalo roam
and the skies are not cloudy all day...

And where might that be? In this particular case, Shelby Farms Park, just outside Memphis, where a herd some 30 or so head strong, roams. Been there about 15 years, I read. Yes, according to the Famous Niece from Memphis, who ushered me to this scene, there once were buffalo even east of the Mississippi. Once upon a time, that is, though not in the numbers found in the Plains States..

Would you like to meet this big guy head on?

Well, then, how about the little fellow. It was the only youngster that we saw. According to the newspapers, four young were born last year to this herd.

After posing for a few pictures, taken by the FNFM, the collective began moseying away through the tallish grass. Perhaps we hadn't offered them sufficient inducement to stay for more photography. Maybe they're headed for the Great Plains, where wildlife is moving back to replace the lost people population.

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Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I take it that the longhorns will comprize another post. Good shots of those nickles.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Excellent photos. I also visited the article about the "reclamation" of the Great Plains.

Fascinating! Ted Turner... hee.

Thank you for teaching me this morning!

~Anon in AV.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic post and really nice photos. Great job, GJ.

Granny J said...

bro -- sorry, no longhorns in Memphis.

anon av -- I was lucky to find that particular article. From one point of view, it's very sad, the depopulation of the Plains, but then both sides of my family were very early out-migrants from the Dakotas. I believe I still have some family there -- people I've never met.

steve -- credit the FNFM for the pix; she's very good.

meggie said...

I come to visit you, & often get led off along such interesting trails!
This is very interesting, about the buffalos, & I am glad they are returning on the plains. I have always felt native people knew how to live with the land, & 'white' man's arrogance has almost ruined a lot of good land.

Tony Reynolds said...

Love the pictures of those great beasties. In a time "long ago" I had the opportunity to visit a client on Orcas Island in the Straits between Washington and Canada. Peter was a bit crazy and had his own buffalo herd which he sometimes let roam a little too freely. No body and I mean no body, likes a buffalo in the livingroom!

Granny J said...

meggie -- I too am glad that the bison are returning to the Plains, as long as people are leaving.

Tony -- Not in my living room except perhaps as a buffalo skin with all that lovely soft hair.

Lucy said...

There used to be a park near whee we lived in England, a man had made it his hobby to collect all kinds of rare and exotic cattle, including bison and water buffalo. The bison seemed very mild, there was a kind of small stall or crush in their paddock, and they kept taking it in turns to go into it and stand there quite alone, as if they wanted some private space!

During the foot and mouth outbreak we heard that the entire collection had had to be destroyed, which seemed terrible.

Loved the 70s shop and bumper stickers, btw, especially the one about dyslexic devil worshippers!

Granny J said...

lucy -- a pity about the bovine collection. Did the man have a wisent (aurochs)? I understand that a passable version was created a few years ago by back-breeding.

Lane said...

Actually, there should be...or at least WERE longhorns around the "pofos" as my daughter used to call these wonderful beasts. True enough, though, we didn't see them on this outing, and come to think of it, I don't think I have seen them around for awhile. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Granny J said...

Famous Niece from Memphis -- I don't recall that you ever mentioned the longhorn. Besides, they wouldn't have any claim to that turf like you said the buffalo did.

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