Thursday, July 03, 2008

Critter time with the Sson & family

When Sson and family arrive, we usually have at least one small critter scene. One year it was a spade foot toad. This year, an alligator lizard. All credit goes to the Yoda cat. Twice he hunted down and caught the youngling . It was in the house. He was relieved of his catch almost immediately, of course, and the animal was popped into the handiest container in the kitchen.

Out came the cameras. GD (above) and GS (below). Me, too, of course.

Sson shoots a close-up with a long lens.

Next, he picks up the little fellow for another close in shot.

And kindly gives me a chance at a closeup, too.

Other critters that were collected this visit: a big, muscular pine borer beetle (no, not the kind that kills the trees, but the kind who bores into trees already dead) and (below) a silvery looking grasshopper. I think an Oak Creek tadpole resided in the hallway for a day or so also before heading for a new life in Louisiana on Wednesday.

Linkage: First off, the July Festival of the Trees, where Walking Prescott rates a mention. Then, another Crown King fire picture, this one by Dagny showing a ghostly Thumb Butte nearly hidden by the smoke. Followed by a fascinating bit of agricultural practice -- Maria Langer, a writer of computer books and a chopper pilot from Wickenburg, signed on to fly over Washington state cherry orchards to help dry the ripening fruit following rains. Apparently if the fruit stays wet, it may crack open, thus ruining the crop. Also: please go back a few posts to read the final comment which came in last night from a native son who talks a bit about the old days in Prescott. He also wants to know just when the local Cornet store closed. I know it was after we arrived in the area in aught-81.


Anonymous said...

I do love your critter posts. Kudos to all.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Re: the junk yard metallic sculpture a few posts back; I saw an advert for assorted toys on sale, one of which was a Leggos Starwars elephantlike critter that was a dead spit for jyms.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Also, Happy Firecracker.


Granny J said...

steve -- as you can easily tell, I, too, love the critter posts! BTW, my neighbor gave me a great pic of a javelina tribe down on Date Creek, which I'll be posting one of these days.

bro -- interesting about the sculpt. Maybe the inspiration for the umkyard dog(?) was a Star Wars creature. Bang, bang back to you!

Lucy said...

I love the critter posts too! I like the finger prints in the close-ups. What a tiny lizard, and what a gentle cat for not killing it, must be a special critter specialists cat!

Anonymous said...

GJ, can I ask. The grandkids are good looking. Is the mother Hawaiian or of Asian heritage? I know it's none of my business, but if you wern't proud of them, I would never have seen a picture.

Granny J said...

lucy -- I don't know whether Yoda cat was especially gentle or whether, as an indoor cat, he didn't know quite what to do once he had captured the critter.

steve -- no problem. DIL is Japanese-American, born and raised in NYC.

smilnsigh said...

Just read this, in Yahoo News...
n Arizona, officials said a blaze southeast of Prescott had burned four homes since it broke out June 28. The blaze has forced the evacuation of the mountain town of Crown King and was just 10 percent contained Friday.

??? Saw 'Prescott.' and thought of you.

'Smilnsigh' blog

Maria said...

Thanks so much for the link love!

Granny J said...

Maria -- I've been fascinated by your adventures in the cherry drying biz, all of which was news to me.

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