Thursday, November 29, 2007

A farewell to autumn

Last year I was caught up in photographing the many moods of late summer and autumn. The world has been too much with me in 2007; thus I've few autumn pictures that say anything new about the season.

However, our native sycamores certainly provide a plethora of crispy leaves for kicking and crunching as you go walking. This wonderful tree continues to rate number one among Arizona trees, at least for me.

However, there is the splendid ornamental pear which provides a cloud of white blossoms in the spring and deep red leaves in fall, here in contrast with the lawn on the Sharlot Hall museum grounds.

In conclusion, lovely leaves on a tree, I know not its provenance. Tomorrow, we are promised our first storm of the coming winter season. I will believe it when the streets are running with water; we have not had rain since mid-September and then it was only a token.


Omegadad said...

Love the Leaves Mom. (And many thanks for sending the Omegawife some sunshine... you have perked her up.)

A little gardening hint from the SIL, get on Amazon or eBay and do a search for penstemons, morning glories, whatever. I found some way-cool yellow zygocactus on Amazon.

Granny J said...

Which reminds me that I have been watering the Christmas cactus, which, I have discovered, makes them bloom up a storm. Is that the secret? That you leave them mouldering until about 6 weeks before you need blossoms?

Granny J said...

An explanation is in order re: sunshine for OmegaMom. Just follow the link!

Anonymous said...

Our leaves have fallen long ago. They now lay under a light snow.


Granny J said...

We're lucking out today, Steve -- moisture has actually fallen from the sky in amounts sufficient to record! In fact, it's been grey & gloomy since early this morning.

sheoflittlebrain said...


Granny J said...

brain -- I wonder how much as 6:30 p.m.???

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