Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things at Sixes & Sevens

Sorry, guys -- my mom is having some problems and my little grey cells are all tied up right now. Luckily, my bro has returned from his Memphis adventures, so he is seeing her to the hospital to check things out.

In the meantime, here are a few interesting links you might give a try:

* A new blog by Wendell Duffield, the vulcanologist who gave that recent lecture over at Sharlot Hall.

* A sort of amazing story from the Daily Mail about an Italian oddball who, with his followers, hollowed out a hill north of Turin to create a fantastic temple. I checked with Snopes last night & thus far they've no record of whether it's real or imaginary. Hah. I decided it was time for The Google. There is indeed such a crowd. Here's their home page.

* A long bicycle trip through Eastern Canada by JuliaR. And, speaking of bicycles, a day trip through the English countryside by Avus on his completely refurbished classic Raleigh. I should also mention that Julia has a new blog about her locale, Castlebrook Village.

* And, finally, a reminder that if you're behind on the buzz, there's no better way of keeping up than checking in with the digest published by Arts & Letters Daily.


Steve said...

GJ, I wish the best for your Mother, You, and Bro.

Granny J said...

We appreciate the thought, Steve. Hopefully, Mom will be better for her 104th birthday party!

Catalyst said...

Yes, good wishes for Mom.

I showed the pictures of the underground temple to my wife and she volunteered to buy the book for me for Christmas! Wow! Whatta girl!

(She takes hints well.)

Granny J said...

Thank you, Cat-A. I think Mom will improve. As for the temple -- isn't it a wonderful & unexpected surprise?

quilteddogs said...

Sorry to hear your mom is under the weather. Hope she gets better really soon.

Granny J said...

Thank you, QD -- the bro spent the night with Mom & she's much better!

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