Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mural at Sky Harbor

Hooray -- my little bro is returning tomorrow evening. This, in turn, reminded me that the last time I was at Sky Harbor down in Phoenix I chanced upon an old mural. Obviously old because the interior of the lobby was being redesigned, with no attention paid to the wall work in, I believe, Terminal 3. The Alaska Airlines terminal, in any event.

Were I a six-footer, I might have seen more of the hidden painting; however, this is the best I could do.

The least interesting portion of the mural -- directly above the entrance to security -- remained unobstructed. I find the assortment of images here to be somewhat helter-skelter, with no focal point except for the hand cliche.

I much preferred the big, wild firebird, which I've blown up so you can enjoy it, too. Wonder if they're keeping the mural in this truncated view.


meggie said...

I hope they keep the mural. I love that bright firebird!

Melanie A. said...

Oh, now, what a pity. I remember that hall from when I was a kid-- it was grand and open, with the firebird such an obvious focal point. You know how old movies show people arriving at a cavernous, central train station lobby where everybody seems to end up? That's what this part of Sky Harbor used to feel like: welcome to Phoenix, like nowhere else in the world! Now it's just another place in another McAirport.

Granny J said...

meggie -- I've no idea what they're up to -- obviously either making $$ or cutting corners. I'd like to think the firebird remains.

melanie -- which is why I love our little airport, with the funky cafe & its model airplanes hanging from the ceiling. I just know that our unimaginative city fathers would prefer a chain restaurant in there. I shudder everytime they talk about "upgrading" the airport!

smilnsigh said...

I hope they don't just paint over it. -sigh- But I should not be so pessimistic, should I?

And if you have a non-chain drug store in your area, may I put in a plug for purchasing from it? Non-chain drug stores are fading away. For many reasons, but a lot are the same as the small 'mom & pop' corner grocery stores, have disappeared too. Big chains can buy more cheaply in bulk and etc.

I do so hope you get what you can, from this old store. :-)


Granny J said...

SnS -- as a matter of fact, I do have my prescriptions with the locally owned pharmacy. It's closer to my house, I can walk it (downhill all the way!) and, besides, they have installed a soda fountain! Believe it or not, at my age, I had my first egg cream at this local soda fountain!

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