Saturday, November 17, 2007

A license to display

As a rule, I consider license plate numbers to be private -- ok in the state data base and on police computer look-ups, but otherwise off limits to the casual photographer. If necessary, I smudge them out. However, when folks make a point of cute plates, they are fair game. Here, a few I've seen on local streets:

Happy to NJOY AZ, even if (below) it's a DRY HEAT.

I believe the owner of this plate uses it to promote his business. A good use if you can get it. The driver below: probably into horses big time.

This one I don't get, though I suspect that "stokage" has to do with surfing. So I included it. Besides, I certainly respect any beach.

At this point, I've switched to what you might call license plate place holders -- now that only one plate is required, there's a plate holder left over into which you can insert the message of your choice. Some are quite choice!
Betty Boop appears to be popular with drivers this year. Guys, I'd bet.

Can't figure out why anybody would put a jack rabbit on his car but, as the plate says, "here it is."

The cult of the Harley is represented...

As is the cult of the cat. Too bad the feline isn't a smiling manx.


pb said...

Did it take forever to collect these? We simply do not have the variety of vanity plates around here. Also, it is required that vehicles have a plate in both front and back, so the holders aren't really allowed to get too cute, either.


Jan said...

granny j...really cool stuff!

You were right about the surfer's tag.

The word is used in surfing or other "extreme sports", when a person is extremely excited or "pumped up" about something, usually a great wave or a great session.

Granny J said...

pb -- consider the population difference between NY and AZ (thought we're trying to get there!)... lots more cars to license & so the vanity plates are far more scattered.

jan -- oh, I like it when I make a good guess! Thanks for the confirmation and the actual definition.

meggie said...

We don't have plates like those here. We still have to display the number front & back, too for the purposes of speed cameras!LOL.

Granny J said...

meggie -- on this side of the Pacific, it's up to the individual states to decide whether they want one or two plates. I think the one-plate idea caught hold as an economy measure, just as those little update date stickers to cover up the year a plate was first issued.

Melanie A. said...

The jackrabbit claiming "Here It Is" is a landmark on Route 66:

Granny J said...

Thank you, Melanie. It's the logo, I guess you'd call it, for a trading post in Joseph City on old 66.

smilnsigh said...

Great entry!!!


Granny J said...

Thanks, SnS -- it was a fun entry. Do note the addition to today's post, BTW

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