Friday, November 02, 2007

Strange Spigots

I'm running late -- my bro & I had a lot of catching up to do. He got here around 6 p.m. After all, the trip from Perth to the States is a bit of a muchness and he doesn't do it often. Every two or so years.

And so a short post about another of those conundrums. Just what are these strange looking spigots doing around town? The units above and below I noticed on an unused property across from the rodeo grounds on Fair Street. Would I get water if I were to pump the handle? Do they just get turned on at rodeo time if and when horse carriers are parked in this particular lot? What?

The spigot below is on Sheldon Street near Washington. Again, I find myself wondering what on earth it's all about. Anybody?


JuliaR said...

Good question! We don't have anything remotely like that up here in the frozen (or soon to be) North.

Granny J said...

juliar-- I'm still waiting. I thought perhaps that brain's E. would have the answer or maybe PrescottStyle, but nobody has decided to enlighten me as yet.

Jim said...

The spigot on Sheldon (with the lock) was mounted above a patch of artificial turf. The nearby business sells the stuff. I thought maybe the owner was being a bit whimsical, as in "no water needed here, you can put a lock on it".

Granny J said...

jim -- that's one answer, and a good one. Besides, I have a soft spot for whimsy.

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