Friday, November 30, 2007

Street scenes -- a place to sit

I'm all for getting people out of their autos and onto their feet. Like me. But there are important considerations in designing spaces for pedestrians. Perhaps the most important -- making sure there are places to sit and just watch what's going on.

Or maybe providing a seat for the occasional busker. Music always makes for a more interesting street experience.

This is the style of bench in the middle of town erected by the city or maybe by the Chamber of Commerce. Not sure which. Reasonably attractive, though this particular bench is certainly hot in the summer. Should have been on the other side of the sidewalk, under the awnings!

This bench, similar, faces toward the corner planters. I'm not sure which view is preferable, though the benches down by the Chase Bank are shaded -- very important in the hot months.

Some business provide their own seating...

And, in some cases, it's an advertiser who pays for a place to rest one's feet.

Here's an attractive bit of seating on Gurley (tho I've seldom seen it in use.)

Even more interesting -- a comfy place to look at all those booklets with the real estate adverts, if indeed anyone is interested in buying property these days!! No, you won't see me on any of these neat benches or seats in the next couple of days -- that much advertised pair of storms is indeed dumping wonderful, beautiful, very wet water all over Prescott right at this moment and possibly for the next day or so.


Lucy said...

These seats all look most inviting!

I am most impressed that you've never driven, and Prescott looks very well designed and equipped for going on foot. My impression of the US is that people walk little in general, though perhaps more in the cities than elswhere.

Loved the butterflies and washing machines too.

sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm thinking that little metal table and chair are outside the heavenly pastry shop on Cortez!
Yippee!!!!! Rain:)

Granny J said...

Lucy -- I came of age at an awkward time during WW2 and was either on campus or in Chicago thereafter, with no need for a vehicle. When we moved west, my LH drove us around everywhere. So there I am!

brain -- no, this table is outside the fine Italian restaurant on Gurley!

JuliaR said...

You might already be familiar with the reference book "A Pattern Language". You can still get it in some umpteenth incarnation at book stores. They now have a web site which I find nowhere near as clear and user friendly as the book.
Anyway, it talks about the things that we do as humans that make our environment better, from cities down to individual rooms. I find stuff like that fascinating.

Granny J said...

julier -- which brings up the subject of Jane Jacobs, who wrote a lot about how to make cities more liveable.

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