Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A short walk of many sights

The street: Miller Valley Road near Fry's. I had a short walk before buying a few groceries. How do you like those parking area stakes, painted Indian-style with snakes. Ogg's Hogan, of course. (For Prescott visitors, a dealer in Native American rugs, arts and crafts.)

Fine winterish tree sight -- shadows on a wall. But a not-so-fine sight in the next batch of trees: the ubiquitous white plastic bag, flying as high and bright as a surrender flag. Why don't they make these bags and the fast food detritus in a tan color? Have you noticed that corrogated boxes in that kraft paper finish don't show up nearly as much by the side of the highway?
??? This is the only sign outside this business building. I guess those are hands for Papa, Mama and Baby Bear, maybe? As for the structure below, the shop specializes in all types of flooring, but always catches my eye with the painted sunflowers. Too bad about the dangling weather stripping, tho Christmas tinsel could hang from it.

This vacant lot sits next to one of the last homes on what was once a tree-lined residential street; the sign must have been weathering for a long time. I suspect owners have had drivers making turn-arounds in their lot for an equally long time.

A little further on and around the corner I spotted this sign of the times -- a reminder of America's rotten real estate market. Wonder just who these vultures are.

Next, into Fry's parking lot to find still more vanity license plates.

And into Fry's where I found still more suns such as those needed to cheer the dotter up in dark, dismal Alaska.

And, as a final note, a new role for the grocery store, being all things to all people -- just like Amazon today. I was so caught up in all the photo ops that I completely forgot the sharp cheddar cheese, despite my list.


Olivia Kroth said...

"Dark, dismal Alaska" -

Does your daughter not like living in Alaska?
I went there a few times when I was working for the airline (Lufthansa, way back in the 1970ies). We had to stay in Anchorage for a whole week because it was a so-called 'turn around station'. I was impressed by the beauty of the snowy country-side but thought that I could never live there.

Granny J said...

The problem is the dark, Olivia. She had plenty of snow up in the high country of Arizona -- but the sun always came out after it finished snowing.

Jan said...

"I was so caught up in all the photo ops that I completely forgot the sharp cheddar cheese, despite my list."

Ah, granny always make me smile!

Catalyst said...

I like the number two sun. 'Course, in my family, I was the number two son. So, it figures. Doesn't it?

Granny J said...

jan -- Thanksgiving is always a day to smile. Fortunately, I had added a summer suasage to my shopping cart and boiled up some eggs, so there're still snackables in the house.

Cat-A -- it's obvious that you were some sort of a math major. I like the mirror -- I think I would get a pair, put a bright light in the middle between them & let them reflect away!

JesseL said...

My wife has been admiring the suns at Fry's for awhile now. I think I'm going to have to go ahead and pick one up for her birthday.

Granny J said...

jesseL -- actually, I really do like the sun clasping the mirror & if my late husband hadn't already hung pictures everywhere there aren't bookcases, I might treat myself!

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