Tuesday, November 06, 2007

True Concessions

What? For the American home that has everything? There bro and I were over at the up-scale hardware store to buy goop to kill unwanted trees. Couldn't help looking at (and photographing) an entire series of just-too-cute little concessions machines.

Frinstance, your kid addicted to those claw machines in the fast food place? Save money by buying your very own, suitable for small items, such as candy bars. Another possible use: making the Halloween trick or treat kids do a little work for their goodies.

All school children love their corn dogs. Let them think they're at the fair grounds or the carnival with this unit.

If you've still got another fifty to throw away, there's always a cotton candy machine for your home or mine. (BTW, I always hated the stuff. As my mom would say, way too sweet, especially for air.)

A must have: your very own hot dog stand. Old fashioned??? Not with that misplaced apostrophe; us'ns from the G.O.D. (Good Old Days) knew good and proper usage of punctuation marks, we did.

Tacos and burritos, anyone? Or maybe a soft ice cream? If you must know, I wouldn't mind a soft ice cream maker for my fruit concoctions, but not a silly little machine like that above.

No -- after looking at all those gadgets for those who are overly generous with their hard-earned $$$, I feel I need a proper reward. I'd happily draw a drink from the Margarator above. With salt on the rim, of course.


sheoflittlebrain said...

What puzzles me most about that silly stuff is even if you have the $$$ burning a hole in your pocket to buy it, where would you keep it all?
Except as you point out, the margarita machine..I think I have just enough room on my kitchen counter for that one:) Ole!!

Granny J said...

brain -- as you pointed out, I barely have enough room for my present suite of appliances on my counter space. Perhaps that's what all this kitchen remodelling stuff is about -- creating space for unnecessary appliances. Yep, time for a margarita after thinking that problem over....

Lucy said...

It's true about the space factor... perhaps you'd keep it in the garage for parties, or perhaps you'd buy it for a party and keep it in the garage thereafter. That's probably why people don't keep their cars in their garages any more, they're all full of daft gadgets!
I went into a shop the other day that was selling all kinds of coloured sugar, including pink for barbe-a-papa/candy floss/cotton candy, so someone here must have such a machine too, hard to believe! I have to say I rather like it...

Catalyst said...

Whats' wrong with hot dog's?

Granny J said...

lucy -- I'd expect the French to do a bang-up job with spun sugar or cotton candy, as opposed to our typical carnie fare.

Cat-A -- one hot dog, two hot dogs, belonging to the hot dog, "the hot dog's xxx". I'm a picky apostrophizer.

meggie said...

I could not believe my eyes!
Yesterday we went to a mall here on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia, & looked with astonishment at that exact The Sweet Machine!
We stared at it with disbelief! There was also a bubble making machine, which was producing wonderful bubbles, & was entertaining several shieking children while their parents stood about talking.
So tell your brother, he doesnt need to bring one home with him- they are already here!

meggie said...

Obviously the 'shieking' children, were really shrieking!
Yes indeed, hot dog's what exactly.
I really get mad at Cabbage's $2.00 ea.

Granny J said...

meggie -- the hermano sez he didn't have room in his luggage for the machine anyhow.

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