Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Seven Weeks of Xmas

Bro and I ventured forth, GrannyJ to get her flu shot -- magic against three kinds of flu...

...only to be greeted in the pharmacy foyer by signs of the Xmas season. Lordy, this is only the first week of November.

Inside the store, Halloween was going half price.

And, yes, here were the first of the season's household decorations already lit up. What, oh what will the merchandisers do once Xmas is past?

In the booze corner, the bro discovered what happens to all that wine produced in his home country -- it's in the States, going for maybe 75% of what it fetches back in Oz.


Lucy said...

That Aussie wine does look reasonable - it seemed to us fairly pricey in its homeland last year. I'd like to get my hand s on any of it, no chance here, we practically have stand up fights in the supermarkets with jingoisitic Frenchmen who can't under stand why anyone would want to buy any wine that wasn't French!

Granny J said...

lucy -- somehow I'm not surprised about the French and their wine. I get the impression that they are suffering a glut, which makes sense in a world where everyplace (including the Prescott AZ area) has its own boutique wineries.

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