Thursday, November 15, 2007

Leftovers from holidays past

As I walked late this afternoon, I was taken aback by the extent of the holiday leftovers. Halloween "spider web" still covering shrubbery. And being covered, in turn, by leaves shed by the sycamores.

And this sad little sign which suggests heavy traffic the night of October 31.

Some displays which remain are a little less tied to the ghosts and goblins theme and segue rather well into a harvest theme for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

And, not having suffered a frost as yet, the fall flowers remain to contribute to the festivities. Even a lone marigold growing in the barren gravel.


Tonya said...

Sorry I couldn't make to the last meeting. I didn't see your message until this morning. I guess I need to start keeping up on my blog. Thank you for writing to me.

Jan said...

granny j..I just love walking along with you on your little excursions. The more I see of your surroundings, the more I miss visiting Arizona. Several years ago, I visited there, often, and when my son was only a little boy, we visited the place where they filmed the Western movies,in Tuscon,and also, the old Yuma territorial prison. I imagine that it has all changed now, though, since nothing stays the same. Scottsdale, and Prescott, were a couple of towns that I remember visiting, as well.

Granny J said...

tonya -- do keep at it! And come the next time we get together; it is a good group.

jan -- I'm glad to have company on my little walks around town. Did I mention that I prefer to live close to the center of any town or city so that I don't have to suffer the destruction of the countryside every time I step outside my door? That's as true for Prescott as it was for Chicago -- we missed the entire post-WW2 suburban boom by living in the city!

meggie said...

The little flower
That blooms
In barren solitude.

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- Ahhh yes, the lingering decorations.

Not quite as *baddddd* as the Santa's which stay up on roofs, all year long, though. Eeek. ,-)


Granny J said...

meggie -- meggie -- that marigold would appreciate the honor of your words!

SnS -- It occurred to me later that perhaps the reason for the spider web lingering past its due date was possibly a sickness in the family or other problem. I hope I haven't been too harsh!

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