Sunday, March 29, 2009

Benefitting the zoo

Quite fitting, the location for this weekend's big yard sale to benefit the Heritage Park Zoo -- at Ruth and Whipple, right across from the Y's park. That is where the weekly swap meet was held when we first moved to the area. (Too bad that flea market went the way of many neat local customs; it was a much more neighborly affair than the formalized swap meet business that currently operates in PV.)

I arrived not only on the last day but the last hour of the sale. The volunteers were striking the set as I left. To top it off, the day was windy (below) and slightly chill.

Nonetheless, all manner of Good Stuff. Books. Blue jeans aplenty. Housewares. Some furniture left.

And, inevitably, exercise equipment that may have been used three or four times before gathering dust for a year (or decade).
Toys, including a train-her-to-the-kitchen plastic extravaganza. Not to mention Barbie, herself. Windblown and in the buff, yet! Tsk, tsk. Whatever happened to that famous wardrobe? At least she wasn't cuddled up with Ken.

The business table...

Plenty of roon for cars. One teen girl arrived on her bicycle.

And the biker who drove up quickly equipped himself for skiing.

There must always be a truly memorable product at a big sale like this one. Here it is: a deep purple plastic hand for your seating comfort. I should have bought a chance -- but I might have won simply because I am already overwhelmed with Stuff.

What happens to the leftovers? Surely nobody wants their castoffs back in the garage, so inasmuch as this sale is for the benefit of the animals at the zoo, the unsold items will be donated to the NOAH thrift shop, which is also for the benefit of animals, just a different set. Fair enough, I'd say.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Seeing the hand chair brings to mind 'Smoky Stover', the source of Foo! and Notary Sojack.


Anonymous said...

All for a good cause.

Granny J said...

bro -- thanks for the memory; i"d long forgotten that comic.

steve -- very definitely. Not only is it great to have a local zoo, but our facility is a rescue zoo, which takes in animals that are in need pf a home.

meggie said...

A good cause indeed.
Here, often the aftermath of garage sales is that the leftovers are dumped on the kerb next day.
A freind wanted a wooden item, but at $10 she felt it a bit dear. She went back next day to find it lying free, on the berm. How she laughed with glee, all the way home.

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is breathe taking. It has a great appeal.

Granny J said...

meggie -- I've never seen garage sale left-overs dumped by the curb here -- I suspect that anybody who did it would get a citation from the city. On the other hand, just consider your good luck that somebody did do just that!

femin susan -- your several blogs are quite fascinating. The veggie animals were fun, the pencils remarkable, but I think I liked your photography best of all.

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