Sunday, March 08, 2009

Flowers that bloom before Spring...

...tra la! I guess I should thank the javelina -- they allowed my last little clutch of crocus to bloom before they unearthed and chowed down on the bulbs. Didn't even bother to fill in the hole in the ground they left behind.

However, it's the stupid apricot trees that really make me wonder about the survival of the fittest. Now I will grant that my apricot trees are doing just fine. But this business of bursting into bloom long before the last frost does make one wonder. They've had flowers now for over a week and I doubt that there are enough insects aloft to start any little apricots on their way. The one tree that has yet to produce flowers is the tree that, last year, produced 12 little fruit with the flavor of cardboard.

Link Time Again: Have I ever mentioned that I'm a nut about volcanoes? Well, now you know it; what's more, I've come across a splendid everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-volcanoes site, which gave me my fascinating fact of the day -- the center of France is sitting on a volcanic hot spot. Even further away than France, Suzie of Arabia explains that horseback riding is one of the few activities allowed women outside of the home and shopping. Lucy recently visited her friends across the English channel and was treated to an after-hours (actually, before-hours) tour of London's Royal Opera House, including the queen's own private loo. Closer to home, a recommended method to deskunk your dog after an unfortunate encounter. LindaG takes us back to the days when the Santa Fe trains stopped in Prescott. And, finally, for a local take on organic gardening, click over to The Mad Bioneer.


Lucy said...

Thanks for the link! Your crocuses are beautiful, but those javellinas must drive you mad. We have a thriving hedge near hear of mirabelle plums, but the years when the blossom doesn't get bitten and they actually crop well are few. I think it's the wrong part of the world for them.

Loved the bird pics too, that woodpecker was a good capture.

Linda G. said...

Those pesky pecary! I still recall having tulips..
Thanks for the link, GJ:)
Now I'm off to view the Queen's loo!

Granny J said...

lucy -- it's sad to bid the last of the crocus goodbye. After my first few years in Prescott, I learned that daffodils and iris were the preferred plants. Tulips, crocus, hyacinths -- not.

lindaG -- disappointing, wasn't it? The queen's loo, I mean, though compare it to the entailed gentry's stall!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot of the crocuses. They are a noble flower. Courageous and hardy.

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