Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seen at the Sheldon & Cortez corner

It's always a happy moment when you discover that you have before and after shots in the files. In this case, it's a new establishment in that big building on Cortez at Sheldon that housed Harvey Eugene all those years. Herzog's (below) appears to be an operation geared to our economic times, featuring new ladies clothing -- close-outs, odd lots, that sort of cut-rate merchandise. I'll have to give it a whirl, not that I need any more clothes, new or reused. Note however, that bets are coppered -- the new sign merely covers the upside down farewell Harvey Eugene sign.

Three sights that somehow typify the weekly-rates motor lodge on Sheldon near Cortez -- first, the disconcerting sign above. Somehow the idea of manufacturing stone seems all wrong to me! But there it is.

Parked in the alley next to the lodge is ... not a tricycle, but a bright plastic baby quad!

This bumper sticker was on a pickup truck at the lodge. Maybe quad baby's dad, do you think?

As for this crew-cab pick-up, I'm still pondering the meaning of the slogan scrawled across the windows.

With a name like Tantrix, what could be featured other than sensuality? Here's how they put it in the current advert in Pop Rocket: "Fine Art. Romantic Gifts. Lingerie. Body Products."

And a final sight from the Cortez & Sheldon area -- patterns in the tiles atop the Marriott.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

RE: the bumper sticker; there's impending state legislation that will make it a punishable offence to smoke in one's automobile if there is another person in same, particularly children. Not a bad idea, but most difficult to enforce as is the law agin' yaking one ones mobile phone while in charge of a vehicle--this includes texting.


Anonymous said...

It was an enjoyable trip. Shops come and go. We have to give the folks credit for trying.

Jarart said...

Looks like they shortened the awning, hung some flags as well as the new sign and that's about it!
You find such interesting things in the alley.

Anonymous said...

For me, the front of that building is just "screaming" for a gorgeous mural... maybe a mural of The Dells and the lakes!

Mural Mice... you have a new canvas!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

bro -- I'd say that nanny is sticking her long nose into awfully small places where she has no business intruding. So much for OZ.

steve -- indeed, shops do come and go, though when they become Institutions, it is wrenching when they close.

jarart -- alleys are the greatest...

anon -- You are so absolutely right about that building. In the earlier yet "before" pictures that I don't have, there were indented balconies that broke up that big expanse. It's time for a campaign for the Mural Mice (or Tombo's graffiti artists) to do something about it!

Rob said...

I agree Granny, the govt. is doing a great job keeping tabs on us while they run amok. More like Big Brother then a nanny IMO.

stitchwort said...

"Body Products" - the mind boggles!

Love the pantiles, which is what we would call the wavy roof tiles.

Granny J said...

Rob -- whoever thought that the Nanny State was any less pernicious than Big Brother!The main difference is that Nanny is always doing whatever for our own good. Hah!

stitch -- the phrase does leave a great gap for the imagination to fill, doesn't it?

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