Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exotic foods from Prescott?

Most certainly! Mind you, though my LH and I had lived in Prescott for several years, we first heard of Cinnabar from friends -- New Yorkers. Sophisticates (the kind of folks who didn't attend just any old chamber music concert, preferring the avant-garde Kronos Quartet.)

So what sorts of foods are manufactured and shipped from the small facility over on Haining? Spicy goodies, primarily but not entirely of Indian descent. Chutneys, jerk sauces, a Caribbean salsa, legume mixes. Curry powder, of course.

So how did a business woman with roots in the subcontinent land in Prescott, of all places, over 22 years ago? "I followed my heart, but after a few years, it flew away and I stayed." She prefers our town to Berkeley, her previous home. Much more laid back.

Not an establishment that does much street business, there was a scramble for containers for the goodies that friend Patty and I bought. We wound up with our purchases in a pair of these burlap bags that had contained bulk Basmanti rice; note the bright red zipper.

Here's what I brought home. Right now, I'm enjoying the chutney and planning a curry now that I have the other necessary ingredients.

More Links: What with Prescott Past and an occasional photo from earlier days on Prescott Area Daily Photo, we're getting a fine, regular local history fix, to which I'd like to add the slide show of Old Prescott that I found on Prescott Style today (it's down a ways, in the left-hand column). One you have completed that lesson, hie yourself over to Miss Cellania for the Star Wars theme rendered on the pipes.


Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

In the 38 years I've been visiting Prescott,I haven't come across some of these places you've mentioned! Next time we're up there I'll need to make a printout from your blog! Thx! (I'm on my dogs blog currently--too lazy to switch over to mine) Cassie from

worldphotos4 said...

Nice post. Makes me hungry.

Prescottstyle said...

Granny J, try Neera's Panang Curry and coconut milk with a dash of fresh mint and basil. Serve over some of your Basmanti rice. Very spicey and yummy!
What I like about Cinnabar is their success in mailorder, way before the Internets showed up!

TomboCheck said...

You have me. I've no idea where this place is.

Granny J said...

hi, cassie -- I think the problem is that all the PR attention is directed to Whiskey Row, the Square and Sharlot Hall museum. Much of what I note (and sometimes discover) is small potatoes, compared.

steve -- me too. I', about to start that curry.

style -- sounds quite yummy. My problem with coconut milk is that I cook for one & throw a lot of stuff in the freezer; this makes it hard to cope with the cm. I suspect you'll find the products in gourmet shops, too. Don't know if any local outfit carries their goodies.

tombo -- are you old enough to have patronized Nick at The Shop for automotive repairs? If so, Cinnebar is right across the street. If not, turn left off (south) Iron Springs at the second street (Haining) from 4-formerly-5 corners and drive to the end of the short street. You'll like the place. Open 9-2 p.m. Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri only.

Anonymous said...

Nice to read success stories of small businesses. :)

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- especially a small business with such yummy products.

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