Saturday, March 07, 2009

Crossing Verboten!

You may recall the minor kerfuffle last fall regarding the Summit Avenue crossing at Gurley. Activists were demanding a new light at that corner as premptive action against the accident that has as yet to happen there. No doubt already feeling the cold air of the chilling economy, the city said "no" to the expense of a street light but agreed to a compromise: "we'll change the official crosswalk from the west side to the east side of Summit." Up went an array of bright shiny new signs (above), plus these reminders to a forgetful public (below).

Last time I hit that corner, the city was stomping its feet and showing muscle: heavy pipe barriers to challenge the forgetful public, so accustomed to walking from the church to the little Magpie store across the way. Crossing Verboten, by golly!


Omegadad said...

Makes me remember when Omegamom and I were in Nanning. At first, I was afraid to cross the street with cars wizzing hither and yon. Then I made a study of how the Chinese do it... no puny Western crosswalks for them... nope... they actually watched the oncoming traffic before committing to cross.

What a novel concept... using your eyes and ears and brains to avoid being smushed by a truck. We Americans have much to learn. Good thing we have our local governments out there to protect us from... well... us.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Methinks that the City will be in hot water when some irate pedestrian of old attempts, unsuccessfully, to hurdle the iron barrier to follow the old pathway.


Anonymous said...

All that makes my inner anarchist want to cross where there is no cross walk!

Linda G. said...

This is a terrible intersection to cross or to make a left hand turn at when driving ....

Granny J said...

SIL -- what a novel concept, taking responsibility for one's self and safety!

bro -- those bars are certainly a temptation to any red-blooded young blade to vault them (see dagny, below!)

dagny -- my inner biker, as well.

lindag -- I've always wondered just why that jog in Summit which makes it such a problem.

Anonymous said...


Y'all are making me laugh!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- well, considering that you live in the primordial nanny state, why not?

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