Thursday, March 05, 2009

Testing: three birds

A new loaner. Since Vista's Photo Gallery was empty, I decided to download my camera, which has a couple of weeks' worth of pix in memory. No PhotoShop (or equal). Pity. I'd like to have cropped in closer.

Caught this raven over by the United Methodist Church; I like his chutzpah, parking on the no parking sign. He was intent upon finishing up the last of an ice cream concoction tossed by some kid and thus didn't run off while I took a couple of shots. When he alit even closer for the goodie, my batteries gave out. Natch.

This acorn woodpecker was in the standard pose, but a closer look would have been preferable. The rufous sided tohee (below) was far more cooperative; a pretty bird, he is.

Maybe by the time my newly bought, refurbished Mac arrives, I'll have tamed Windows Vista and the primitive imaging software. Whatever. At least I have access to a bunch of new pictures. And, yes, the dear old MacLemon has been consigned to history. The techie gave up on it.


Linda G. said...

I love those busy Tohees! Their call is the one I associate more than any to being out in the forest, and they're so cheerful in both color and attitude!

Catalyst said...

Those are some great shots! I would have taken the tohee for a robin at first glance. But expanding the photo gave me a look at those startling RED eyes!

Granny J said...

lindag -- cheerfulexcept then they're in a scolding mood; I've had my local rummages literally shouting at me because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. BTW, AWW & I always called them "rummages" after reading in one of the bird books that they rummage around noisily on the ground.

cat-A -- Aren't the tohees wonderful? One of my favorite local birds. And thank you for reminding me that I'll chew up my Picasa storage space in no time if I continue to download those huge pix (though they are great to look at!) Normally, I use PhotoShop to cut the images down to a small size before uploading.

Kim said...

I don't believe I have ever seen a tohee in person. They are beautiful birds! I will have to keep a look out.

Did they give you a new mac or a discount at least?

OmegaMom said...

Wow! So the techie gave up, eh? That is a lemon, indeed. Here's hoping your new one does not suffer the same fate! When does it arrive?

Anonymous said...

Nice shots.

Jarart said...

Sorry to hear of the passing of the Mac. I had to let one go not long ago and it's like losing a good friend.
The birds look great though, even without the crop. I love the pretty tohees but don't see many of them around.
Good luck with the new machine.

Granny J said...

kim -- possibly it's because these tohees are upland birds & don't live at desert elevations.

dotter -- haven't heard arrival date yet, but I'm sure waiting & wanting! A 24" screen, yet (tho one big problem with big screens is that you have to chase that mouse all over the county!)

steve -- thanks. still wish I had a squirrel or two to show you.

jarart -- it was my first & at this point, I'm finding the PC to be a bit stiff to use.

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