Saturday, March 28, 2009

Notes: Muffler Man, Redoubt, Anonymity

Sorry. I got caught up in combing through my photo file looking for interesting fences, the time passed as it will, and it's much to late to open PhotoShop for a session. So: links and notes.

#1 -- The Courier discovered the missing Muffler Man, whom they are calling Big Johnson. Good details about his history -- plus a picture of the cowboy hat.

#2 -- Inasmuch as the dotter is up in Alaska in the Mt. Redoubt volcano territory, I've been following the eruptions. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has a set of fine photos, the best being the night shots with lightening dancing around the peak and the ash column.

#3 -- A blog controversy has erupted up in that cold, northern territory, too, having to do with anonymous political commentary -- and a local politician outing the offending blogger. The dotter gives one account, incidentally explaining her reasons for blogging anonymously; the blogger tells her story as well. Many of my readers may not agree with the politics of the people involved; on the other hand, having lived in a world (Chicago) where complex local ordinances are designed to make almost any ordinary property-owning citizen a potential law breaker, I can understand the desire to keep one's profile low. (BTW, the federal IRS rules & regulations would appear to be closing in on the Chicago standard, to judge from recent shenanigans in DC.)


Anonymous said...

I read your dotter's comments,but the second one wouldn't open.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Most edifying links--it all goes to prove that even Democrats can be horses asses.


Catalyst said...

Very interesting reading - the dotter and Mudflats. I know a lot of people who would disagree with me when I say politics is never boring!

DDD said...

RE: #1 Lots more "Muffler Man" (aka:Gas Station Attendant, Golfer, Hamburger Man, Cowboy,Lumberjack, Woodsman,Noble Savage, the Big Chief, or the Brave,Mortimer Snerd, Alfred E. Neumann, S.F.B., Country Bumpkin) info here:
Muffler Men Home Page
Be sure to check out Giant Women!

Granny J said...

steve -- I suspect that the Mudflats blog has too much traffic; it took a long, long time for me to log on.

bro -- oh, tut, bro. They're politicians first, aren't they?

cat-A -- borrring? As in Valley Girl? Maybe for a teenager, yes. Otherwise, politics is many, many things, come unmentionable, but NEVER boring!

ddd -- great links!

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to report that the Big Johnson Muffler Man has been returned to his place on Fair Street. I saw workmen putting him up this morning on my way to a meeting. Didn't have time to stop for a photo.

Granny J said...

Thanks, dagny -- now all's well with that part of the world.

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