Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big box ceilings

Architecturally, modern big box store design has little to recommend. However, I've discovered that the ceilings are another matter entirely. I looked overhead one day at the accursed Lowe's and immediately began a collection of ceiling photography. A big skylit nursery shed is particularly cool.

The view inside the store proper. I'd like to think that we're looking at an interior almost entirely lit by skylights, but I'm sure that isn't the case. No doubt banks of neons.

The nursery shed at WalMart West.

WalMart doesn't waste their ceiling structures -- very useful for hanging signs (above) and strings of bicycles (below).

I'm glad to have found another positive aspect of the big box monsters besides price.

I Want One: Just finished looking at a video of Micro$oft Surface, which combines the computer screen with the table top so that a bunch of people sitting around drinking beer, say, can pass Jpegs or documents from one to another -- or open an earth view to zoom in on their favorite saloon. Sounds like an app that would be perfect for a bar or a coffee house (or classroom), for that matter. Also worth checking out: a new blog that has just moved over to ScienceBlogs: it's called Eruptions; you can guess the subject matter. Also see: Arizona's Volcanic Past, though its coverage is spotty (i.e., nothing about our own homegrown volcano between Prescott and PV or the many lava topped mesas in Yavapai County, such as Big Bug high up in the Bradshaws.)


Anonymous said...

Thats what I like about you Granny J, your always looking up!

TomboCheck said...

Nothing like a lot of patterns and a little sunshine to draw the eye upwards. :)

Anonymous said...

That Microsoft Surface would sure be fun to have.

Granny J said...

style -- at this age, I try to remain reasonably optimistic. Looking up is part of the recipe.

tombo -- the patterns are often about all that a lot of modern architecture has going for it. Those ceilings are one with the patterns of an electrical substation.

steve -- isn't that tabletop to die for? Imagine chess or go boards in a coffee house. Or calling up Google to settle a saloon bet.

Cheryl Ann said...

Granny, I've been lurking in the garden area of Lowe's and taking photos of the beautiful flowers there! Next time, I'll be sure to check out the ceiling inside.

Granny J said...

cheryl -- I suspect they'll also have a photo-worthy collection of gnomes, Buddhas, and lions for the garden. I started my annual collection of these artifacts this morning, will post some tonight.

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