Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Strange, what is left behind; just as strange, where. This Ford hubcap parted company with its truck somewhere down by the Skull Valley Wash. Looks to me like one of those automotive parts that can get pricey when you have to replae it.

I don't know how many years this long forgotten basketball hoop set-up has languished in a locked, fenced-in area at Lincoln School. It's not as if it were awaiting repair or needed; the school has several up-to-date basketball hoops that are played everyday.

Huh? One look beyond the fence makes it quite evident that these folks enjoy collecting Stuff. So just why did they turn their backson this Moderne bedstead?

And here a sight down in the high desert between I17 and the Bradshaws. I find it quite amazing how many pieces of cars are shed along the way between here and there.

More Cool Reading/Viewing: From Alaska, baby moose twins ... from Fox News, all about the UFO whose crewmen nobly sacrificed themselves to save earth from the deadly meteor which still managed to mow down 80 million trees in the Russian Tunguska event. Interesting old Prescott pictures (b&w) at Arizona Towns, including an arch over the White Spar where it crosses Granite Creek -- anybody out there recall that arch?


meggie said...

Thanks for the link to see the moose twins! I am fascinated by those animals.
Also love the glass baubles.

Anonymous said...

Lots of strange items out there.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Is the school in the Prescott shots the one down the road from you?

Anonymous said...

Granny J, I'll ask Jimbo about the arch, his dad had the Fornaras Market just up the road a piece in the 60's.

Granny J said...

meggie -- aren't those little guys the greatest?

steve -- I'm always amazed at the oddball items that get thrown out of the car or lost.

bro -- yep, the same, though that basic school architecture was used for at least three of the local elementary schools hereabouts.

style -- I'm waiting to hear hat you find out.

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