Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cat in a box

Like many cats, my Max hankers after enclosed spaces. For example, there is no longer a wastepaper basket in my office -- I got tired of picking up the scrids and scraps left on the carpet when he knocked the basket over as he tried to climb in. On this particular occasion, I had received a package of goodies from Land's End, resulting in a perfect, cozy fit of a box.

End of sequence. Max tired of this particular box, perhaps because I was paying too much attention.

However, I did get the opportunity for a nice close-up of cat (above) and his right ear (below). Too bad his little ear tuft was not in focus.

Another Blogged Cat or Two: Fellow blogger Catalyst features Smoke on his logo at the top of Oddball Observations and regularly posts about his feline collective; his most recent is a paean to Jazz, who curls up in his lap, purrs and Does Not Bite. Quite unlike my Max who figures he should be Alpha in the household and as such, has a right to reach over and take a chunk out of my arm. At his pleasure. How he hates the word NO.


Ackworth born said...

max is really at home in that box - looks quite snug.

Changes in the wind said...

These are those ahhh moments but couldn't handle the bite situation.

quilteddogs said...

I love those photos and the post. Very endearing.

Christina Lucido said...

Max is just too cute, makes me miss having a pet. Oh the simple joys of being a cat!

Catalyst said...

Great pictures, GJ. Max is so pretty. And thanks from my cats and I for the shoutout. Jazz and Muggles both purr very quietly. Smoke is too busy catching birds these days.

Anonymous said...

Cat in a box. It's probably a fast food place in China.

Granny J said...

hyde -- it fit him well; if it had been in a secluded location & I hadn't been taking pix, he might have remained.

changes -- the biting seems to be a matter strictly between me and Max; he doesn't bother other people.

qd -- I too liked the pictures; Max is wonderfully photogenic, but then I think all cats love to be photographed.

cat-A -- almost all cats are beautiful except perhaps for those grizzled veterans of the alley wars.

steve -- does sound like that, doesn't it?

Granny J said...

christina -- welcome! Yes, a cat's life is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy!

Place the box near a sunny window, and you'll always know where he is. :)

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- he has a cushion atop some storage file boxes in a window corner which is his favorite in winter. As things warm up, he is spending more and more time out of doors, until bed time, of course -- there might be coyotes.

meggie said...

Max is very handsome!

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