Monday, May 11, 2009

Lake Woebegon revisited

One man, on a stage, too far away to see his face. A mike, a glass of water. No funny costumes, make-up or custard pies. Simply a great story-teller: a very funny story-teller. Garrison Keillor, of course.

I sat there laughing with the crowd tonight, at the Yavapai College performance hall, courtesy of friend Agnes, who has a degree in humor, if I'm not mistaken. The beauty of Keillor's monologues is that they are very funny, without being mean or edgy. Suitable, perhaps, for those of us past our prime (the audience was predominantly older) who have some experience of the unsophisticated small town life he depicts. I fear that modern kids probably have no idea of the world of Lake Woebegone and its stoic Lutheran inhabitants. Tho I'm not of his political persuasion, his humor doesn't offend me -- that's saying a great deal, these days. Too bad he doesn't come around more often.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I prefer GK's monologues to his writings.


Ron Bloomquist said...

Well said.


Ron Bloomquist said...

Well said, Granny, I mean. I like your comments about the changes in attitude over time. I'm with you!

Anonymous said...

"those of us past our prime who have some experience of the unsophisticated small town life he depicts."

Indeed I wonder if Mayberry and Lake Wobegon type places even exist anymore, and whether everybody has moved to Megalopolis.

Anyway, glad that it was a quiet week in Prescott...

Kate said...

Oh... I blast from my past! I'm a Minnesotan, don't cha know... And, I used to buy tickets to his weekly performances way back when. Those were held in St. Paul - aka Lake Wobegon - where all the kids are above average. :))

Wandrin said...

NPR on Saturdays is the time to listen to Prairie Home Companion and the stories. The disgusting part is putting up with GK doing duets with his guests.

Like a previous poster mentioned... forget his books.

Some of the stories could have been written about my Lutheran small town experiences.

Granny J said...

bro -- tho I have one of his books, I haven't dipped into it as yet...

ron -- the lost of innocence in my lifetime is absolutely amazing!

boonie -- if they exist outside the dakotas or Nebraska, I'd be surprised. #Especially since if they existed outside the Dakotas or Nebraska, Californians would be moving in and changing things.

kate -- so you moved to the Utah mountains to get warmer, Huh?

wandrin -- There was an earlier radio guy who did neat monologus about living in ehtnic Chicago and Gary ... wrote a couple of books, too, which weren't bad, if you wist after old Chicago ethni neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Aaahhhh.... lime green jello with cottage cheese and a dollop of Miracle Whip on top.

Garrison sure knows how to capture Midwest memories.

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- he catches the detail wonderfully.

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