Friday, May 29, 2009

Yearly Vet Visit

Once a year, Max cat is subject to the indignity of a visit to the vet. First step is to lure him into the cardboard cat carrier. Hah! First step is to catch him, because friend Sam has shown up and cat does not know him well. Then the cat carrier, then the car -- and, as above, unloading the load.

We go in through the cat entrance, into the cat waiting room.

In the examination room. Once Max had been pulled out of my sweater sleeve, where he was hiding from monsters, he got loving attention from the vet and her assistant. It was all over quickly: eyes, teeth, tummy, ears, temperature, rabies shot, feline leukemia shot. Back into the cardboard cat carrier and home again, with many thanks to friend Sam. Local tidbit: ours is not a climate conduce to flea problems, per the vet. Thank the dryness.

FYI: This is a bad shot I took when Max was trying out for Dunecat; he didn't make it because he does NOT control the spice.


worldphotos4 said...

You can't blame Max. If someone wanted to take me to the Vet, they'd need a big box and I wouldn't go willingly.

meggie said...

Honey & Leo send huge sympathy greetings over the shots. They both had really bad reactions, for the first time, & suffered from the pain.
Good Boy MaxXX

Anonymous said...

The indignity of traveling in a cardboard box (says Max Cat).

Glad he survived the ordeal yet another year! :)

~Anon in AV.

The Frame and I said...

Oh, yes! haha - been there, done that *winks*

Granny J said...

Max thanks everyone for their sympathy and understanding. There is something absolutely undignified by the entire bloody affair. Sufficient that he has spent the entire day indoors recuperating.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

And pouting, no doubt.


Granny J said...

No, actually, pouting takes work and he was just too spent for work. However, this morning (Sunday), he wanted out right after breakfast, so he's back to himself.

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