Thursday, May 07, 2009

Compass critters

Equipoise, a sculpture at the Highlands Center for Natural History out the Walker Road in the forest. And what a problem for the picture-taker. At least at the hour we were there this morning in the bright, bright sunlight! What I really needed was a grey overcast day to separate the art from the forest detail. The sculpture is by Heather Johnson Beary, who also created the library's recently unveiled giant horned toad.

The best way to view the piece is critter by critter. Here is the horned toad, who faces south.

Fish faces west. The photographer in the background, BTW, is friend Bob, whose animal pictures often show up on this blog (including that wonderful baby javelina.)

Raven is pointing to the east. I wouldn't mind having a replica of him on my desk. I wouldn't mind having a live raven tame enought to call on me periodically, for that matter.

Badger, the fourth of the quartet of local animals, is looking to the north. I had no idea there was such a fine sculture, until this morning. My regular Thursday breakfast crew ate at at the Lynx Lake store/restaurant this morning -- and friend Patty said that she and Bob had a big surprise for me, whereupon they drove to the Highlands Center and Equipoise. I certainly thank them for the excellent surprise!


meggie said...

Those scuptures are just wonderful!

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

She is some kina talented!!


Anonymous said...

What a gift she has, and it's lovely to share it with the general public.

Glad to see art in public spaces!

~Anon in AV.

Jarart said...

What an amazing sculpture. We haven't been there yet so enjoyed these photo's very much. I guess we will have to make time for that.

C. Marie Byars said...

As always, fascinting stuff!!!

Ron Bloomquist said...

I wish I had a Raven friend too.

I have a raised platform I put table scraps on for them but they are very wary.

A good book about them is called "The Mind of the Raven". Also, "Ravens in Winter".

Great sculpture of a Raven.


Anonymous said...

Nice art work.

Granny J said...

meggie -- aren't they fine critters.

bro -- BTW, she's a local artist & I expect we'll see more public pieces from here.

anon -- and, Bucky O'Neill aside, it's all quite recent.

jarart -- you'll have to get out to the Nature Center. If not for the sculpture, then for the architecture and/or the trails.

cnarie -- thank you for enjoying.

ron -- I've done Ravens in Winter but not the other. We consider them the civic bird (sorta like the state bird, but relating to the city).

steve -- did you stop in at her gallery? Even more great stuff there.

Jan said...

Granny J..such a wonderful surprise your friend arranged!

The sculptures are beautiful.

I always expect to see something special when I drop by, and I am never disappointed!

Granny J said...

jan -- thank you very much for your high compliment! It's awful when one feels she might have let her readers down!!!

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