Saturday, May 02, 2009

Signs of the times

Public signs often say more than they were meant to say or they simply might not say what was intended. At other times, the wording makes one wonder. Look what happens when a sticker was slapped on a box at the library (above). Makes a big difference.

Here's a sign that offends me mightily. I can't help think of the girls run in for sharing an ibuprofen tablet at schools where I'd bet that there are other, more serious deals going down in one of the loos. I caught the strange sign below at the same school one evening (as you can plainly tell). Obviously Perlak is not a drug.

I know, I know, this sign is meant to welcome ladies out walking their toy terriers. However, I can't help imagining a big burly dude showing up with a mastiff in his arms to inspect the antiques & collectibles beyond that door.

The problem must have the heat of the summer (or perhaps a sample of the Miller) when the supermarket guy wrote this copy. Sounds like the store had a deal with a contractor, maybe; or were they simply planning to drop of the bills on one's patio?

On the other hand, this sign really means it! But why the ban on cardboard in this big dumpster? Doesn't compute.

I'm from Chicago, where building inspectors are the favored enforcement tool of heavy-handed politicos; therefore I truly appreciate this sign.

In contrast, I suspect that this admonition outside the McCormick Place condos on Gurley is unenforceable. The last time I heard it, the sidewalk out front was still public property.

And how could I resist including this real estate special from a couple of years ago. My, how times change!

Partners on Cortez Street (above, below). Someday, I'll have to show up between 2 and 5 a.m. to see just what is happening at that hour (other than javelina wandering the streets).

This sign on Beach Street behind the Sharlot Hall Museum flat out lies. If you look down the street, you'll see the outlet down at the McCormick Street end.

And, finally...


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

The text in photo 8 implies that it's perfectly ok to smoke at the sides and rear of the building.


Anonymous said...

A bet tomorrow starts today. Must be on the NBA playoffs or on Tiger's golf match.

Granny J said...

bro -- I see you amuse yrself by taking the wording literally, too.

steve -- could also have been on the Whiskey Row Marathon, which ran yesterday. Same climb as for the cyclists, but on foot.

Anonymous said...

Love the last photo because me guesses that we're looking at an abandoned real-estate-for-sale sign, juxtaposed against the Dead End sign.

Truly signs of our current times!

~Anon in AV.

Ron Bloomquist said...

I liked the real estate sign with the deflated red balloon hanging by "a thread"!


Granny J said...

That particular house never did sell, tho it's no problem to the people involved. Just that they didn't cash in 'cause they entered the market too late & too high.

DDD said...


Maybe because cardboard can be recycled in Prescott rather than being dumped in the landfills?

"And, finally..."

Interesting religious overtone...

Granny J said...

ddd -- what the sign says to me is "you can't throw away that cardboard you're loaded down with"; it doesn't say, "put cardboard in recycle bin". As for the religious overtone to the last pic -- when I selected the image, I had thought that the sign post was actually one of those roadside memorials.

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