Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lynx Lake breakfast #2

The Thursday morning breakfast crew went back to the Lynx Lake Restaurant this morning. Glad that we did, too -- I was able to reshoot a pair of pictures.

One retake was the mounted bobcat in the act of catching prey. The javelina and deer from the previous visit were acceptable...

...but the ghostly buck, light by a window below, is today's image.

The mounted trophies -- and this elaborate hearth -- emphasize that the restaurant is operated by a couple from Germany, as does the whatnot cabinet below. I've got a date set up for a German dinner next weekend. As a Chicagoan, I've missed food with a mittel Europa flavor here in the west, where the exotic comes from Asia and Mexican food is mainstream..

However, the big news is that the restaurant's humming bird feeders are now filled with sugar water and customers are showing up. I could sit by the window all morning just watching those ferocious little birds. There were no battles this morning; the reason, I was told, is that the feistiest species hasn't arrived back from the south as yet.


Omegadad said...


I heart your hummers. Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Now this looks like an interesting place to visit and eat. Nice photos.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I sure could use a plate of saurbraten mit kartuffles, ja!!
Excellent shots of the hummers.


quilteddogs said...

I loved your shots (not too keen on the stuffed animals, though) and I'm thinking I should make a trip up to Lynx Lake. Looks like a very interesting place.

Granny J said...

SIL == I heart your comment! Too bad you can't escape for a week to come see the hummers.

Steve -- it is indeed; food's good, too.

Bro -- you'll just have to stop by Prescott one of these days Real Soon Now; I'll treat!

QD -- Lynx Lake is quite cool (figuratively and literally); well worth a visit on a hot summer day or when it's completely frozen over.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful hummer photos. We have hummers visiting our salvia (Mexican Sage). Maybe we "own" them some sugar water, too?

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

anon av -- if you want to watch turf wars, put up the sugar water! With a feeder, you will probably get a lot more of the little fellows visiting.

The Frame and I said...

Lovely hummers - they are so fun to watch =) Thanks for reminding me of another great place to go in Prescott!

Granny J said...

Frame -- the only place I've ever seen more hummers at the feeders is up at the fire lookout at the top of Mt. Union. To double the critter fix, one should go at the time of year the lady bugs swarm on mountain tops,

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