Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glass baubles

Factoid: there are reputed to be 20,000 collectors of glass paperweights. On those few occasions that I see a small collection, I'm inclined to make it 20,001. They are such pretty things! I don't recall which antiquery here in town offered these for sale, but they were around last summer. And, yes, Wikipedia has an article on the subject. Of course.

Different glass baubles: these special painted Christmas tree lights I came across in a classroom at Prescott College. I wouldn't mind owning the set about December 20 or thereabouts. Glass can be a magical substance. Little wonder that colorful glass beads were such a hit with tribesmen in the days of exploration.

Good Linking: The dotter nearly had herself a thunderstorm, which apparently is something of a rarity in Alaska; she muses on thumderstorms here and there. In the meanwhile, over in France, Boxelder stayed at a wonderful B&B where the grounds included a strange assortment of cast-off gravestones and other curious churchly stones.


TomboCheck said...

What very pretty trinkets. If I weren't such a clutz I might be inclined to own a few myself. :)

Granny J said...

tombo -- the problem with pretty baubles is that they can take over your life -- and they do occupy space and collect dust!

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