Friday, May 15, 2009

That Sharlot Hall Fence

When I first read that the Sharlot Hall Museum was to be surrounded by a high fence, I was naturally dismayed. I am one of those local residents who regularly strolls through the museum grounds without stopping to view any of the displays. Somehow the idea of a fence seemed a major turn away from the user-friendly past.

The reasons given: some vandalism at night, people visiting the museum proper without paying the entrance fee (and, very likely, homeless sorts bedding down in the grounds.) All this at a time when staff has been pared to the bone because the state has drastically cut funding.

This evening I walked past the museum grounds to seen the fence. I was delighted to note that it was erected inside the hedge made by the yellow Henderson roses which are blooming right now. Come to think of it, the workmen would have been badly scratched by those old fashioned roses had it been necessary to build the fence right next the sidewalk.

I did wonder about entrance and exit strategies, supposing one were a museum member, for example. I don't have all the particulars, but the front gates were wide open at 6 p.m., suggesting that one is still welcome to stroll the gardens during daylight hours. Whew! So the gates can be locked when the last employee leaves for the night. I've no real problem with that arrangement.

Bashford House remains outside the big iron fence, encouraging folk to browse the goodies in the museum shop. Having thought about the museum's problems, I've decided that every man Jack and every woman Jill in the greater Prescott area should buy an individual museum membership, at just $25 a pop. At the very least. Sharlot Hall's legacy is too great a gift to our town to allow it to starve, no matter how bad the times. Incidentally, the museum offers one pricier membership package that includes free use of the gazebo one time/year; I'm trying to figure out what kind of party I want to give!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, a fence now. But, based on your post, I understand. Change is one constant, and sad to see the "freedom" to stroll go away.

I'll spread the word to my Prescott family to become members.

Great post, GJ... community support!

~Anon in AV.

Catalyst said...

I'm trying to figure out what kind of a party I want to give.Why a blogger party, of course!

Jan said...

Granny J..I hate what is happening everywhere. I wish things could be the way they used to be, but I know that is just a futile dream.

I know you will do all you can to help.

I sound morose, don't I? Sorry.

I know you love your beautiful town, and I thank you for sharing so much of it with us.

Granny J said...

anon av -- thank you for spreading the word!

cat-A -- I am seriously considering it, if we can get the bloggers to step out-of-doors. Will we see you tomorrow, BTW?

jan -- yes, it is sad to see changes of this type. It's one of the prices of Growth...

Catalyst said...

GJ - Yes, I'll be there and I'm bringing a surprise for you!

Granny J said...

cat-A -- Wow! I can hardly wait. I love surprises. Mostly.

azlaydey said...

The fence has been tastefully done, so that it doesn't block the view of passersby. I was worried that they would put up a solid wall! I'll accept what they've done to preserve the site. I have been a member of the Museum since I watched the Bashford House being moved down Gurley to its present site. Please folks, become a member. You can't go to the movies and buy popcorn any cheaper and we are saving history.

meggie said...

I am not a surprise person.. but a garden party in the gazebo sounds lovely! With the yellow roses!

Granny J said...

meggie -- 'twould be nice; the one problem is the yellow roses, which, being heirloom, are in bloom only for about three weeks in the spring. Incidentally, the yellows do not make rose hips -- I've kept an eye out for years in hopes of starting a bush from seed. Apparently, they only spread via roots.

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